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Fueled by founder, Hennie van den Hengel’s passion for cycling, Tripsite began in a spare bedroom in the family home.

The company has grown since that humble beginning in 1999, but is still family owned and operated with satellite home based offices throughout the world.

What Tripsite offers to its clients:

Offering a wide range of biking, biking and boating, and multi adventure tours, everyone, and anyone, from the young to the old, from the foodies to the thrill seekers, can find their perfect tour.

With a focus on relationship, both with clients and with trusted partners such as Island Hopping, Tripsite purposes:

• to provide the best customer service anywhere, any time, any place
• to be genuine in business and authentic in travel
• to offer an opportunity for every traveller to explore the world and enjoy the journey

Our growth through Tripsite:

The encounter with Hennie van den Hengel’s changed Islandhopping substantially. The fact that we managed to convince her, who cycled in the most diverse places in the world, of the great idea Islandhopping makes us proud until today. We owe Tripsite plenty of northern American guests. Therefore we would like to thank Hennie, Carla and the whole team of Tripsite. We appreciate the uncomplicated and fruitful cooperation and look forward to further collaborations.

Contact Tripsite

Mailing Address
218 Hunter Rd
Springville, PA 18844-9578

Toll Free in the USA/Canada: 1.800.951.4384
Tel.: +1 570.965.2064
Fax: +1 570.965.0925

Office Hours
8:30am-8:00pm EST Monday – Friday
Voice messages left over the weekend will be addressed on Monday
Emergency contact information is on our voicemail plus we are on email almost around the clock.

Any questions?

Contact us:

Monday - Friday
09:00- 12:30 Hrs
14:00- 17:00 Hrs

Tel. +49(0)7531 361860