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MTB & Boat

Sail & MTB Tuscany · Italy

From 1890 €
from St. Stefano / to St. Stefano
8 days /
7 nights
165 km
MTB Level 2 - 3
MTB Level 1
Easy mountain bike tours suitable for islandhoppers who can safely handle a mountain bike. Mostly asphalt roads and wide, natural paths (20-30km and 200-400 elevation meters per day, S0)
MTB Level 1 - 2
Easy to moderate mountain bike tours for islandhoppers who are fit, technically able and can ride safely. Mainly natural paths and simple single trails (20-40km and 300-500 elevation meters per day, S0-S1).
MTB Level 2
Moderate mountain bike tours suitable for islandhoppers who enjoy riding through varied terrain and are comfortable with climbs up to 500m (30-50km and 400-600 elevation meters per day, S0-S2).
MTB Level 2 - 3
Moderate to demanding mountain bike tours suitable for islandhoppers with a very good level of fitness and riding technique. Mostly hiking tracks and single trails (30-60km and 400-750 elevation meters per day, S0-S2).
MTB Level 3
Demanding mountain bike tours for islandhoppers with excellent riding technique and who enjoy and feel comfortable with technical trails. Mostly on hiking tracks and single trails (30-60km with 500-1,000 elevation meters per day, S0-S3).

Tuscany by MTB and boat: the perfect all in one cycling holiday

Cypress trees, vineyards and olive groves decorate the rolling hills, characteristic of Tuscan landscape. This beautiful Italian region is one of the best places in the world for mountain bikers to indulge their passion. Names such as Elba, Giglio, Monte Argentario and the Maremma region are all sure to get avid mountain bikers listening. The home of various Enduro events with flow trails and shaped lines as well as numerous technical passages makes the area the perfect place for a mountain bike holiday. All this along with an expert local guide who knows the trails like the back of their hand. The Atlantis with her giant sails provides a true seafaring experience while the Italian Dolce Vita is the frosting on top.

TO NOTE: This tour takes place prallel to our regular Bike & Boat Tour on the same boat. This is perfect for travellers who wish to spend their holiday together, but do not share the same riding preference.

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Activity: Enjoy the spectacular MTB trails of Tuscany!
Culture: The Spanish fortress in the picturesque old town of Porto St. Stefano
Nature: Anchor in the beautiful bays around Elba and Giglio
Culinary: A glass of the incredible local wines immerses you in ‘La Dolce vita de Italia
Souvenir: Wine, pasta sauces, and canned vegetables from the organic farm, LaSelva
TO NOTE: This trip is already updated for the 2024 season. Itinerary, prices and services may vary compared to 2023:


image/svg+xml Porto Santo Stefano Talamone Porto Azzuro Rio nell’ Elba San Piero in Campo Marina Di campo Giglio Porto Elba Parco Regionale della Maremma Monte Argentario