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Over the course of our existence we have come to be recognized on an international level and have gathered enough presence in the media to be able to present a small collection of our published presence. You are able to look into a selection of our published articles here, from then till now.

The selection of articles are listed chronologically and are largely travel reports based on our various tour destinations. From Croatia to Greece and Turkey, across northern Europe and the Balearics as well as the exotic regions of South-East Asia. We have been fortunate enough to appear in well-known media outlets such as the Zeit and Sonntag Aktuell in Germany, as well as in bike and ships magazines such as Mountain Bike magazine and An Bord oder Abenteuer Reisen. Renowned writers such as Axel Schiebe and Wolfgang Gehrmann have documented Islandhopping journeys. We are very proud of our presence and are excited to share this little archive with you.

Journalists who are interested in getting to know more about the Islandhopping product are kindly asked to register with our PA agency PR2 in Constance.

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