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We, the Islandhopping tour guides, are a colourful mixture of tour leaders from various nationalities all over the world. We all share the common joy in making your journey with us into an unforgettable tour experience and to bring you into the lifestyle and culture of the travel destination which you are visiting. To insure that we are prepared for this task, we meet at the beginning and end of each season, as a collective, to learn from each other, sharing experiences and developing ideas into knowledge.

Together we enjoy the active participation in our daily cycling tours, holding cultural lectures, educating ourselves in first aid and keeping our equipment in top working order by knowing the bicycle mechanics ABCs.

This insures that we are always up to date and well equipped as we launch into each new season. We are always keen to welcome our new recruits to these events, enabling them to profit from their experienced peers before launching into their new career.

It is often said that we guides must be surgically removed from the ships after each season – some truth lies within that statement, as we all enjoy to be on board of our beautiful boats, working in cooperation with their friendly crews. It is not uncommon to be asked how our ‘holiday’ was when we come home from a busy seasons… and who wouldn’t want to be on holiday?

We are very much looking forward to the new season ahead and hope to be able to share our enthusiasm for our travel destinations with you all.

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