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Surf the Trails - with Qloom!

Everybody is familiar with this special feeling of forgetting the world around you, this moment which stays in your mind forever. For the Swiss bike label Qloom was this moment when company founder Didi Rüegg climbed on his bike with the first Qloom Baggyshorts. Outside in the Swiss mountains with a few friends – unlimited fun and a very special sense of life accompanied the crew. This was 2007. What began with a pair of shorts for friends, has now become a lifestyle brand with different lines. There was a lot of change in the past years, but one thing has always remained the same: the uncompromising claim in terms of design, function and comfort. Let’s QLOOM the World!

Biking Without Compromise - Qloom team colours

It was that time of year again: the annual Islandhopping tour guide seminar took place in preparation for the new season. This year’s backdrop: the stunning Croatian Adriatic Sea in Rabac. The schedule for the week was not only comprised of workshops and seminars, in preparation for the upcoming season 2018, but also let our guides explore the best of the Istrian trail network. Even though temperatures remained below 6 degrees celsius and the howling wind was blowing in gusts, our guides were unstoppable: equipped with bikes, the new QLOOM summer collection 2018 and a whole lot of enthusiasm for the start of the season! We love the colorful QLOOM style: perfect outfit, perfect trails – what more can you ask for! The season can start!

Our growth through Qloom

Qloom founder Didi Rüegg, his eminently pleasant team and Islandhopping connects a close friendship by now. We love the colorful Qloom style, which perfectly suits our lifestyle of sun, sea and mountains. The incredibly generous sponsorship of all our guides including a complete collection makes us speechless and very proud and grateful year after year. Our guides, who are on the road on countless islands in the Mediterranean, are convinced Qloom ambassadors. Qloom stands for joy and bike sports, what makes it an honor to be able to resell our specially designed Islandhopping collection in proven Qloom quality to our guests. Many thanks Qloom! We’re very much looking forward to our further cooperation.

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