My favourite Islandhopping tour is…
Hard to say, there are so many ;). On our Balearic tour I mostly enjoy the sailing adventure and the diversity of the islands. In Turkey I love the unspoiled and the heartwarming friendliness of the locals. In Greece it’s the convivial atmosphere in the small fishing villages that inspires me again and again.

Favourite activities:
Mountainbiking, filming, making music, hiking, sailing

What I enjoy about my job as a guide the most:
The combination of culture, nature and exercise is my element! And what’s better than the fact to share gathered collected and insider tips with other people?

Learned from life:
Beautiful can’t be searched, but only found. And: What is foreign to us, reveals more about us than about the visited country.

If I weren’r buy “Islandhopping” I would be…:
A documentary filmmaker

What do I do in winter?
As an integrated part of our office team I work on our image films, keep the website updated and organize exhibition appearances.

My favourite books:
Siddartha, Gantenbein

I speak the following languages:
German, English, Spanish

I have been guiding for Islandhopping since:
2004-2007, 2011 until today

Any questions?

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