My favorite Islandhopping tour is…
…well… ARE the ones I haven’t yet been on. But from the ones I’ve tasted I must say my favorite is the South Dalmatian tour. I may be a bit bias on the topic, since I was born and raised in the region, but in all the years that I’ve been working for Island Hopping I’ve never been with a guest, who joined us on this tour and was not flabbergasted by the beauty and uniqueness of the place. 

What I enjoy about my job as a guide the most:
Getting exposed to all the different takes on life that our guests bring along. Engaging in conversations about life, politics, traditions, happy moments and hardships it’s what makes any person grow. 

Favorite activities aside from cycling:
Friends play a huge part in my life, so spending quality time with them is imperative for me. That would include all source of outdoor activities, from sailing to camping, from scuba-diving to skydiving. 

If I weren’t busy “Islandhopping” I would be…..:
A cosmologist, gazing at the stars pondering on how it all began and in which direction it is all going. 

You will most likely find me in… (Country where I am most active as a guide):
In Dalmatia, Croatia. It’s where I was born and raised and where my heart is. I may lack spots, but I am a true, two-legged Dalmatian 

My all-time favorite movie:
I’m a complex person, incapable of giving straight answers when it comes to questions about favorite movies, music, food or views on philosophical, political and spiritual topics. Just like the universe, my mind is constantly on the move. Sometimes my mind and the universe don’t move at same speed or in the same direction.

My all-time favorite album:
I’ve covered this in the “favorite movie section”. But there is one album that in my head transcends the realm of music – The Dark Side of the Moon.

What do I do in winter?
I’m making up for the lost time with my friends and family. If I am needed in the office to help out with our webpage, our catalogue, or finding new trails and attractions to incorporate in our future tours – I’m there! 

I speak the following languages:
Croatian (native), English (proficient), German (in progress), Italian (ciao!), Latin (proverbially)

I have been guiding for Islandhopping since:

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